it flows through our veins,
pumps through our hearts,
seeps from our wounds,
and surges through our families.
it defines both life and death;
a cesspool of unforgivingness,
a disarray of commitment:
a broken shatter,
eternal and immortal;
blood is the darkness we can all find light in.


Her scintillating emerald eyes flew open, capturing the sudden moment of despair with illuminating curiosity. A delicate breeze blew carefully through the open pavilion, pulling a small lock of her hair in front of her eyes; besetting her vision. It caressed her cheek in a bothersome yet endearing way, bringing a pungent feeling back to her cheeks. She imagined a rosy color penetrating the pasty pale that must have possessed her visage. She imagined the stupefaction on the concerned faces surrounding her; suffocating her. She imagined their buzzing whispers filling the empty silence in the dry air enclosing upon them. Their eyes widened, and so did hers, as she slowly awakened from what many thought was a permanent slumber. Death.